Wheel Aligner

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KJC Protostar 9500 Imaging Aligner

Latest imaging technology with exclusive black diamond mini targets, equipped with two 5 megapixel cameras and signature wheeled cabinet


KJC Protostar 9000 Imaging Aligner

Wheeled cabinet with high precision camera/lenses. Can be customized with Automatic or Manual post. Come with standard targets and wheel clamps.


KJC Ankka 8990 Imaging Aligner

Award winning compact on post cabinet specially designed for tire shops with limited space, together with high precision camera/lenses. Can be customized with Manually adjustable or fixed post.


KJC 3000 Classic Wheel Aligner

Classic Bluetooth aligner with 8 toe camera, 4000 mAH built in battery and induction type charging system. Fully loaded software comes standard with Super Toe adjustment, VW Toe curve adjustment and Live Caster readings.


KJC 5000 Wheel Aligner

Radio(Zigbee) wireless communication for secure and quick synchronizing data between computer and sensors. Equipped with 8 toe cameras and 4000 mAH battery to provide continuously use of more than 20 hours battery life.


KJC Protostar 9900 Mobile Imaging Aligner

KJC first mobile imaging aligner, compartible for multibay uses, together with exclusive black diamond mini targets and HD cameras